Friday, June 17, 2011

Random Musings

So, in an effort to try and "blog" more, I am trying to catch up on recent work (I'm fairly far behind!), and, well, just post some random thoughts.

So, first, what is a cake ball?

It's cake & icing mixed together, rolled into a ball, dipped in melted chocolate.

Mmmmmmm. And it's much harder to make them perfectly round AND smooth than it looks.

The key is to use the right chocolate, AND to temper Milk, Dark & Semi-Sweet properly. Otherwise, you'll get a wierd melty-type chocolate coating that tends to clump, never dry, and do strange things outside of the cooler!

For white chocolate, it's different, mainly because it doesn't need to be tempered as perfectly as chocolate chocolate. It just needs to be the right consistency where it doesn't clump on you. Hence, add a touch of crisco to the melted chocolate. How much crisco? I think it really depends on the type of chocolate you are using, and your skill level.

Overall, anyone can make cake balls & cake pops. With some time, effort, and attention to detail, you too can make beautiful treats that everyone will love. And even if they aren't perfect, everyone will love them anyways.

I mean, who doesn't like chocolate, cake, & icing???

Of course if you'd like some treats without all the work, please call or email me, and I'll hand-deliver a dozen or more for no cost here in the High Desert. Keep an eye on my facebook for what I have "in stock" this week.

And for those of you NOT in Southern California, YES, we do ship!!! Even in the summer months!


I do not ship cakes or cupcakes, but cake balls & cake pops ship nicely. I do charge you the shipping & packaging, but it is my exact cost, not a penny more.



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