Monday, September 12, 2011

Mountain Lakes Wedding Association Wedding Tour 2011!

I'm going to plug the Mountain Lakes Wedding Association here for a second!

This coming Sunday, September 18, 2011 they are hosting their annual Wedding Tour! This year it's an exciting event, you travel from location to location, meet with different vendors, and best of all, see the GORGEOUS Mountain Lakes area! It's fall, the mountains are GORGEOUS!

Unfortunatly due to a huge scheduling conflict, Adair Weddings is unable to be a vendor at the tour this year. (hopefully next year!) However, we are offering couples who are registered or who walk-in on September 18, 2011 a special deal!

Free Tasting Box (no matter the size of your potential cake!)
10% off your order
20% off your order if you use Adair Weddings for Cake & Flowers for your Mountain Lakes Wedding (or special event)


A special surprise gift from Adair Weddings on your wedding day.

Wow, you can't beat that. So, hop on over to and check it out! And if you see LouEllen Whitton of A Guiding Light Affaire, tell her Julia @ Adair Weddings sent you! She's fabulous for putting together amazing wedding packages.

Stay Sweet!


Tasting Box!

Just to give you an idea of what our "Tasting Box" looks like!

It includes 2-3 types of cake for you to try, covered in our delicious White Chocolate Fondant, and possibly a treat tucked in, cake balls or cake pops, depending on what we have going on that week.

Our Tasting Box is FREE if you are booking through the Mountain Lakes Wedding Association, or if your potential cake order is over $300. Otherwise, we offer it for purchase for $20 (cash only please), and that $20 goes towards any cake order over $150 if you choose to use Adair Weddings for your special occasion cake!

This is not something we deliver "just because", it is intended to existing or potential clients who want to taste & see some of our work.

Remember, we do more than weddings! Birthday Cakes, Quincenera Cakes, Anniversary Cakes, the crazier the design/idea, the more excited we get about it!

Stay Sweet!


We also do a traditional tasting, without all the special bells and whistles, please inquire.