Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Phantom of the Opera Cake

This cake was SO fun to put together! I have a blast working with the different elements, all the detail work, those special little touches to make it "Wow"

A close friend of mine has a son who is HUGE into Phantom of the Opera. And well, I ADORE Phantom of the Opera. So, when she asked me to do a birthday cake, I jumped at it, and well, I took the design a little to the extreme, but hey, why not, right?

Everything you see on the cake is made of some form of sugar, from fondant to gumpaste, to modeling chocolate & modeling paste. Most of the details were hand-painted, and all the scrollwork & gold details were done with piped royal icing pieces, then attached to the cake with "glue" (AKA more royal icing!)

I did take some liberty with the music box, merely because I wanted to personalize it. My overal design inspiration was from another baker, who did a cake for a closing night of the show.

I really REALLY enjoyed making this particular cake....it was a very personal "labor of love".

Yes, I am willing to re-create it for you, with YOUR special personalization!

Honestly? I would LOVE to be asked to do a larger version for a closing night of the play, perhaps at a local high school here in the High Desert, or the local community college. I'd even be thrilled to do it for peanuts. *hint* *hint*

Soooo, yes, if any of my followers out there, if you are aware of a local High School doing Phantom of the Opera next year (since it was recently approved for High School Drama use!!), tell them to contact me!!!!

And my dream? To also see the sequel. The music is haunting, Andrew Lloyd Webber really out did himself with "Love Never Dies", I don't care WHAT the critics say!!! Hello?! Will you PLEASE bring it to Broadway?? London or Melbourne is just too far away!!

I will continue to update on a more regular basis....I have quite a store of things I've done over the past year, that I haven't yet shared on here!



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