Sunday, March 20, 2011

Luggage Cake!

Back in March, I was given some creative liberty to create a cake for a Bridal Shower. The couple are just adorable, an older couple. So, I went with the theme of what a Bride in the 1950's would have to go on her honeymoon.

Luggage trunk, cute little handbag, nosegay, box of "jewels". It was a blast! Every detail you see is made of some sort of sugar work.

Their wedding was just yesterday (March 19, 2011), and I also handled that event as well. As soon as I obtain the edited photographs from the photographer, I will post them!

We did over 700 miniature cupcakes, a small oval 2-tier cake, and GORGEOUS flower arrangements. The large Curly Willow with Hydrangeas, and stunning hanging crystals!

More to come. I'm working on updating much of the recent work we've been swamped with. Much thanks to my intern, Kaylin, who is going to be a FABULOUS event planner in her own right!! I couldn't do it without her!



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