Sunday, February 7, 2010


The exciting part of planning a wedding, the ring! I'm going to shamelessly plug one of my favorite jewelers in this post, Diamonds by Lauren ( They are based out of New York (where else??), and they really do some fabulous pieces!!

If you are looking for a ring with character, something different, unique, or just a fabulous ring at a fabulous price, I highly HIGHLY recommend this company!!

What you're looking at in these pictures is a Henri Daussi Cushion Cut stone set in a split-shank halo setting. The center stone is a M color, VS1 clarity, but because of a strong blue fluorescence, the center stone looks anywhere from a pale yellow to a white (G-H color) depending on the light.

I want to add some advice here's not about the ring!!!!! Of course we all love sparkle, big diamonds, etc, but I want to caution you to remember what an engagement ring stands for, not what it looks like. It's a token from your fiance', partly because De Beers tells us we have to have one (!!), and because he wants the world to know that you belong to someone, and are off the "market", so to speak. Our society puts too much emphasis on the material things, and so many couples don't really KNOW each other when they get married, because they focus on the ring, the party, the dress, and not getting to know each other, discussing EVERYTHING possible (and here is where pre-marital counseling is extremely important! Something big you never thought of may come up, and it could be a deal breaker, you just never know), and agreeing on things before marriage, instead of waiting until you hit a brick wall.

My biggest piece of advice? Marry someone for who they are, not for who you want to make them into. And talk talk TALK before walking down that aisle!!!!

A post on sparkle, ends up in some philosophy! I suppose I'm just adding some wisdom (not sure if it's good, but it sounds good!) as I sit here watching the sun break over the snow-capped mountains. Such a gorgeous morning!



P.S. If you need a ring, call Diamonds by Lauren!!!

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