Saturday, February 6, 2010


Wow, welcome to a FABULOUS new year!! We have been busy out here in Southern California, baking, arranging, and planning events this upcoming year. There are many changes along the way for Adair Weddings & our crew, but we embrace it, and look forward to all the many challenges ahead of us!

Did you know that 2010 is THE year of love and romance? So, all of you 2010 brides out there, congratulations! The Chinese New Year starts on Valentine's Day this year, AND it is the year of the Tiger, so it's going to be a good one!! A fun thing to do? Check your date, see if it's auspicious or not! Here's a website I have used...although of course, if you really want to plan your wedding date around the Chinese calender, you have to actually see a wise woman (or man), and they will take your birthdays, your names, and come up with a list of dates that are "lucky", and there are various types of "luck". If you want financial success, get married on a specific date, if you want a house full of children, and it goes on and on. A couple who married last May did this, and that was why they picked May 2, 2009. (and that was a rainy weekend! still a beautiful wedding, and they ARE happy)

Red Apple Tree (they also do feng shui, if you are decorating your home!)

Chinese Fortune Calender

I am not affiliated with either of those sites, just a couple I have used in the past for a little bit of fun.

There are other HUGE changes on the way here at Adair Weddings, and we have a BUSY week ahead of us, with Valentine's Day!! I realize I haven't updated some of the events we did at the end of last year with posts, photographs, etc, and I apologize! We are working on some technical difficulties, so I'm behind. We should have the new website up in the next couple of months, along with some exciting news & information!

I will endeavor to post some pictures from the Red Hat Valentine Tea this coming week, and of course we're making LOTS of cake balls around here!!! I am also going to be making heart "boxes of chocolate" this year, the cake that sort of started it all!!! Which I am excited to share with more people this year, and of course get some photographs on here!

Until next time, eat lots of cake, wear beautiful shoes, and remember, 2010 is going to be a FABULOUS year!!



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