Sunday, February 7, 2010

Let them eat cake!

2010 has been a pretty wild year so far (all exciting, and I have fully embraced it all!), and January started off with a bang for us, mainly in the baking department.
We did this elegant 2-tier fondant covered cake with freehand "squiggles" for a recent birthday party. The ribbon is edged in blue sequins, and we matched the accent color (the blue) to the color of the sequins. We did two different tiers, White Chocolate Cake with Raspberry Filling on the bottom, and Chocolate Chocolate Cake with Raspberry filling on the top, smaller tier.

Something like this would serve 35-40 people, and would be approx $125 with free delivery within the High Desert area. Please contact us if you live outside of the High Desert, as we DO deliver all over Southern California, and you will find that our delivery costs for Wedding & Special Event cakes are minimal.

This simple Chocolate Buttercream covered Chocolate Chocolate cake is a simple 2-layer 9" cake with a textured icing, instead of smooth.

Perfect for a small event, this cake yields 15-25 slices, depending on how you cut it.

Pricing for a cake this size starts at $20, and goes up depending on how elaborate you wish it decorated, type of icing (fondant is slightly higher), and delivery charges (we deliver free within a 10-mile radius)

In addition to the simple silver & gold (not pictured) covered display plates, we can also "stage" your cake, do custom cake stands, etc. This is something we discuss with you during a consultation, and having an idea for your decor, event space, and personal style.

Contact us to schedule a complimentary consultation, and we are even able to arrange tastings on occasion, if we have enough notice. Our basic pricing for Wedding Cakes is by the cake, NOT the serving, and we don't charge double if your wish is for a cake to be covered in fondant. We make all our icings & fondants ourselves, so in addition to looking beautiful, it will taste fantastic. We never freeze our cakes, and bake fresh within 24 hours of scheduled delivery.


Phone: 760.812.0574

Next post....keep an eye out for more updates! I'm working on updating back events, getting more pictures on here, and we're still working on the new website!!



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