Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Some Past Florals....

A selection of some bouquets I have constructed in the past. All can be "recreated", and of course, I welcome customization!! I love when a bride brings me a special strip of fabric to use as the ribbon on her bridal bouquet, or a gorgeous brooch that was her grandmothers to be attached to the handle. There are endless options out there when it comes to crafting a bridal bouquet, and while I have many many ideas, there is always something out there that I haven't thought of yet!

Stay tuned for more pictures soon....I had a wedding this past weekend for a lovely couple who blended both Eastern & Western culture and tradition into their truly unique and special day!

I also have more pictures of bouquets, including some special "bouquet jewelery" that had become so popular. In addition to some pieces I order from a source of mine, I can also make many different designs to be placed in your bouquet. Austrian crystals offer the chance to completely customize your bouquet jewels! Contact me for more information

And now, a selection of some of my favorite bouquets......

"Melissa" Bouquet

A stunning hand-tied bouquet of Rosita Vendela roses, wrapped with a white taffeta wired ribbon & an overlay of organza with beaded flowers (unfortunately you can't see the detail very well!)

I did this particular bouquet for a very dear friend of mine, Melissa. Her and her hilarious husband were married on Valentine's Day, 2009. We had the honor of not only attending their intimate event, but we also had the thrill of shooting their wedding photographs! I actually surprised her with the flowers....she had decided to go with silk flowers because around Valentine's day, well, even wholesale flowers go WAY up! I just happened to be walking through Wal-Mart and spotted them putting these out...at prices I still am in awe of!

On a side note, I came across an article the other day, apparently the Rosita Vendela roses are some of Martha Stewart's favorite roses. The FTD arrangement by Martha Stewart for Mother's Day has them in it!

"Sophie" Bouquet

Creamy Blue Hydrangeas, Oriental Lilies, Creamy Sahara Roses, and Pale Pink Sophie Roses, this bouquet was wrapped with white satin ribbon, pinky-purple organza, & was accented with beaded "bouquet jewels".

Underside view of the same bouquet. The handle has a wide white satin ribbon, with a pale pinky-purple organza "wrap".

"Afternoon Tea" Bouquet

A stunning hand-tied bouquet with a center of Blue Curiosa Roses surrounded by a band of the gorgeous Green Tea roses. The handle is wrapped in a white satin, and a collar of purple organza.

The Blue Curiosa roses are some of my personal favorites, because they actually smell like traditional roses. In fact, most of the purple/lavender roses have the lush rose garden smell! The color range is from a pale silvery lavender, to some even deeper than the Blue Curiosas shown above! I love when a bride chooses these types of roses....as the effect of such a stunning (and typically unexpected!) color palette, it's unique, and when you can smell them, it's even more wonderful!!

Of course there are other varieties of flowers that can be used for your wedding that will smell wonderful. Peonies, Plumeria, Oriental Lilies, just to name a few. One of the wonderful things about choosing flowers for your wedding, is you can pick whatever you want! It's rare that we can't get a particular flower variety in, although if it's "out of season", you will pay a premium. I really recommend brides research what is going to be in season around their wedding date, OR if you are completely set on particular flowers, plan your wedding date around your flower choice! This is a great way to save some of the budget, as flowers can run into the thousands very VERY easily!!

I pride myself on keeping costs down for my brides. All of the bouquets I have shown here come in at under $100, and the price varies depending on the season. I believe that as not only a wedding planner, but as a florist, I should help my brides save more money, not spend more! With careful planning, you can have the wedding you want at a budget....it's just all about prioritizing your wants/needs/have to haves, and keeping things in perspective!

More to come. I simply cannot wait to share the Ling/Lichliter wedding!! Even with the storm, it was stunning!

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