Sunday, May 10, 2009

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Detail of Alannah Hill She's Thrilled Frock (detail is on bottom of skirt area)

So, I WAS going to post about Photography, and why you should have a professional, yadda yadda. BUT, since it's Sunday night and not only am I a day late in posting, I'm also not in "wedding mode" at the moment!!! I've recently begun a closet cleanup....and my brain is a little obsessed (okay, alot!) with shoes & clothing at the moment!!

I wanted to share one of my favorite designers here in the US, Nanette Lepore. Also my favorite (and okay, I'll admit it, I like her more than NL!) designer out of the US, Alannah Hill. Both have exquisite details in their clothing, everything is well tailored, and the clothing is just GORGEOUS!!!!!! Here's some links to the designer's "official" sites, then I"m going to add some pictures of MY favorite pieces (that I have the privilege to actually own!) No, no, no, don't get excited....I'm super cheap and everything has come from either ebay or super-duper deep discounts at a coupe of outlets I hit up. That I have friends who work for the company (two major department stores come to mind!) who seriously hook me up. Otherwise I'd be sporting Gap and Banana Republic clothing, from the sale rack! (okay, so often I am sporting those two retailers!!! Gap is fab for basics, and BR for some key pants that fit my booty!)

Alannah Hill (it's an Australian site, also uses flash, so it can be slow at times)

Nanette Lepore (flash site...can be slow at times. drat it all, why can't everything be plain html?)

Some of my favorite favorite pieces (Okay, so I only own 3 Alannah Hill items....but it isn't sold here in the US, and I have to find sellers on ebay who don't want my money AND a pint of blood!!! lol)

She's Thrilled Frock (I love it, they use "frock" instead of "dress". How proper!!) All pictures were taken from the ebay seller I purchased the dress from. I saw it when I was in Sydney in the middle of March, and just fell in love with it. I nearly purchased it before I left, but couldn't wrap my head around the cost. I was lucky to find it on ebay for much less. Of course, now I need an occasion to wear it!

Photograph from ebay seller lv157, who has a wonderful Alannah Hill store.
She also ships to the US happily at very nice prices! With the current exchange rate, for the quality of the clothing, you'll get a good deal if you visit her store! She has some FABULOUS items as well. Also ships extremely fast for being half a world away!!!

Alannah Hill "Oooh Juicy Lips" Cami. Found this little gem for such a low price, I'm reluctant to admit it! (I seriously felt like I was stealing from the seller...especially since she only charged me the amount I would normally pay for domestic shipping in the US, not registered international mail!!!) I was VERY luck to obtain it in both the Nude AND the Pink. Apparently the pink version was a sample made, but never produced for the retail Alannah Hill stores. I've only worn the nude one, and received so many compliments I cannot wait for a reason to wear the pink one next!!!

The Detail on these cami's, they are INCREDIBLE!!

On to Nanette Lepore. I'm going to post a few of my personal favorites...not all of them do I personally own...I think even if I had endless fund for clothing, I would be hesitant to buy all I love. At heart, I am simply a girl (okay, woman!) who loves beautiful clothing, but cannot justify purchasing items unless they are at fabulous bargains! (My goal is to take over the entire closet, perhaps my husband can take over a hall closet or something)

Amour Cream Silk Top

Gorgeous cream silk top....with a rosette at the chest. Can be worn
untucked" with slacks, skirt, or tucked into either. I personally love to pair this top with a gorgeous Cynthia Steffie skirt I picked up a couple years ago for less than $10 in ebay, and the result is really quite pretty, if I may sat so myself!! The skirt has "kick pleats" in the front, where there are beaded flowers, which helps tie in the rosette on this top. Black (or brown) heels, and I"m good to go! On cooler days I add a neutral color cardigan. Hey, Texas weather is very unpredictable!!

Black "bustier", black lace over a gorgeous orangy-red-iridescent fabric. Simply stunning! I admit I got the picture from the seller I obtained the top from, it's not my own. At $2.99 plus $3 shipping, it was a deal I could simply not resist! (not to mention it had been freshly dry-cleaned!)
A gorgeous top to wear out on the town with slacks or dressy jeans, or JUST the right skirt. It can also be work strapless! I wish I had the style "name", but alas I do not! Nanette typically "names" all her designs.

Just a small sampling of my insane and out-of control closet, but also some great pieces that can help inspire the bride-to-be! I think the above proves that ebay is a fantastic site, and you can really find some fabulous bargains there! All items posted above were under $30, with the exception of the Alannah Hill dress, and one must bear in mind that the "retail" starts at $195 for the items above (most are in the $300 range. In US dollars)

All for now. My next post....Shoes, and some fabulous options for your wedding day, that fit IN your budget! Shoes do not need to be $500 to be beautiful on your wedding day!!

I promise I am going to get to the photography subject...but isn't it more fun to cover shoes and fashion? After all, most brides need to plan the honeymoon wardrobe!!!



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