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Ling/Lichliter Wedding May 2, 2009

A selection of arrangements & special details from
the Wedding of
Miss Zi Ling & Mr (soon to be Dr) Gary Lichliter

Ceremony Program (outside) I did these at the very last in the day before! They came out wonderfully!

The ribbon in this picture is NOT the one we used. In fact, I purchased the thin little ribbons in Chocolate Brown, Taupe, Champagne, and Ivory, and so the programs ended up having different ribbon colors. Gary (the groom!) picked out slightly different paper as well. The paper I used to a "template", I only had ONE sheet of it, but the end result was nearly identical. Fairly easy to put together, and the total cost was under $30 for 150 programs. Programs from a printer will run anywhere from $75-$1,000 for 100 programs (depends on the detail!) I've never had the cost run over $100 for DIY programs. (okay, so I don't factor in as much time as I should...but that is why you have tie bows & finish things like this!)

Forsythia (silk) & red lanterns that were hung from the trees. The Groom's mother, Carol bought the forsythia branches, and her friend Michelle took a set of plain white paper lanterns on a lighted string (from Target of course!!!) and spray painted them red, since red is the color of "luck" in Chinese Tradition. (Zi is from China, so this wedding was a huge blend of east meets west.

The effect was just stunning, and you can see the yard is already beautiful without anything else! These pictures were actually taken AFTER the tents have been taken down, but still give an idea of a cool look for an afternoon wedding! Best part? Since it was overcast, we were able to actually turn the lights ON, and they just glowed!!!

Another lovely little detail...inexpensive, yet can be really pretty when used! I made these paper cones out of 4 different shades and textures of Ivory paper and then using the same stamp as we used for the invitations AND programs, stamped the top inside of the comes. We chose to not emboss these (as the programs and invitations were done) simply because they were only for the rose toss. Sadly because of the rain, we didn't get a chance to use them

Little bows can also be added to paper cones, as well as the couple's names and wedding date. There is even paper you can buy that is embedded with wildflower seeds, and your guests can plant the "cones" after the wedding!

Small table arrangement with Gebera Daisies, small sticks of curly willow, and Hypercium Berries (the red type). Placed in a rectangular vase of clear crystal. Can be placed in any type of lower vase. These vases were about 6" high.
These cute little arrangements were used for small "cocktail" table in a "mingling" area. (the wedding was a cocktail-type party...not a seated or buffet dinner/lunch) We chose these types of flowers because they blended in beautifully with the gorgeous garden backyard of the groom's parents!

Something like this can also be sent home with your's not super expensive ($25) yet has a wonderful personality of it's own!!!

Creamy Hydrangeas with blue-green accents (SO gorgeous) with Curly Willow.

These large arrangements used creamy hydrangeas that had green and/or blue accents to them. (I believe they are the "antique" hydrangeas. Doesn't matter, they were GORGEOUS!! Also, these pictures were taken 6 days after the event...shows how well they stood up!

One of the "bouquets" that I threw together at the last minute to place on the cake.

Assorted roses in "julep" style silver containers. We used the green, orange, yellow-red, and these pretty reddish roses I found. These centerpieces were used in random spots throughout the event. They added a nice pop of color, and a couple of the roses actually had that gorgeous scent that you usually only get from either purple varieties or roses or roses from your garden!

Green dendrobium orchid boutonniere with hypercium berries. For the "background" (the two leaves) I used leaves that I had snapped off the hypercium stems.

Another of the Gebera daisy, Hypercium Berries, and Curly Willow centerpieces. This sits on the most popular spot for the indoor portion of the event...the bar!

This photograph was taken 5 days AFTER the ceremony, so it just shows you that if taken care of properly, fresh flowers will last a long time! Of course it helps buying flowers wholesale, the same day they are delivered from the grower! (I try my best to plan all trips to the floral wholesale site within 48hrs of their delivery. This way you'll have the freshest flowers possible, but they won't look like one of those 1-800 flower places send out from time to time!

A smaller Hydrangea & Curly Willow arrangement (note the different vase used's smaller and not nearly as all) I cannot take ANY credit for his, as it was Dr Wayne Lichliter (the groom's father's twin!) who put this together! In fact with all the late nights pulled for this event, he really saved me a TON of time. Plus he's just awesome to hang out with. =)

For those of you who are on a tight budget, anything above can be re-created in smaller sizes, what will work with your budget, etc. Also if you have a special set of vases you would like me to use, please let me know! I love using vintage items, or items that are sentimental to a bride and/or groom in their wedding. One of my favorites is taking fabric from a favorite relative of the bride & turn it into a super unique, completely customized ribbon/wrap for your bridal bouquet! And of COURSE slipping in something blue (even if it is just a single crystal!) and attaching hankies. 90% of brides start crying at some point, and this will come in handy. Plus it'll keep you from ruining your makeup....the professional makeup that probably cost a small fortune to have applies.

*unless otherwise noted all photographs, designs, and floral arrangements are courtesy of Adair Weddings. All items can be re-created! Please bear in mind we at Adair Weddings like at LEAST 2wks notice if you need/want us to create and finish programs for your ceremony, paper cones for a rose toss, place cards & table numbers, and reserved signs (a MUST if you are having an outdoor wedding, or not having ushers escort guests to their seats). We can either purchase paper for these items, or create them from paper provided. Contact us for pricing on these items, as they tend to vary depending on the style/design you choose.

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