Monday, April 30, 2012

Summer and Fall Weddings

Can you believe tomorrow is May 1st? I'm sitting here this morning working on contracts for fall & winter 2012 into 2013, and thinking "wow, the year is FLYING!". Not to mention all the orders I'm putting in this week for my summer weddings. Burlap & Lace anyone?

Yes, my summer. Lots of vintage, rustic-style events on the horizon. I've put in an order this morning for about 450yds of burlap, and seriously wonder if I should have ordered more. But I'm excited, I am cutting a custom burlap aisle runner, that I hope to be able to use as a rental afterwards *cross fingers*, and I will have burlap table runners (these I am seriously excited about!), burlap chair sashes (for mountain weddings, add in a wired pine cone on the back), and burlap bags to use for flower arrangements and to hang from trees.

And then lace. I'm hunting for the perfect lace pattern, I think a trip into LA is on the horizon, there's simply no where else in Southern California to hunt for fabrics. For any of you do-it-yourself brides, I highly HIGHLY recommend a trip into the Garment District of LA. A word of caution though. Please be careful shopping at the flower market though, they tend to sell non-wholesale clients their week+ old flowers. You think you are getting a good price, but they just won't hold up as well, specifically roses, peonies & other delicate flowers. Honestly, I really recommend you consult with a florist for your wedding flowers, at least for your bouquet. You would be surprised how inexpensive it can be, and how less stressed YOU will be!

A fun cake I have planned? Wood-grained fondant with "initials" carved. This particular bride, her father is making a custom stump to put the cake on (in addition to the hand-made benches & arbor for the ceremony! Now if I can get him to carve a bear.....), and so the idea to do wood-grain detail in fondant, it just seems to flow with the design.

So many other exciting things on the horizon this summer and fall. A wedding with a cotton candy machine, a custom cookie bar (I'm testing a new chocolate chip cookie recipe this week, I'm super excited about it!), candy bars, and rustic mountain/backyard weddings!

Do you need help planning your rustic mountain or backyard wedding? We can help! From finding that perfect location to making your backyard THE perfect location, from cake, flowers, rentals, decor and event-styling, & planning, we do it all. Call or email to set up your complimentary consultation! 760.812.0574 or

Have a fabulous last day of April and first week of May! Our weather here in Southern California is going to be gorgeous!!



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