Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Well, I have joined another online "madness", Pinterest!

Of course I haven't actually PINNED anything yet, haven't quite figured it out yet. But I have a bunch of followers, so I realized this afternoon, I really should give them some amusement, eh?

Sooooo, I am working on pinboards, and downloading the "stuff" to actually use the program. Luckily, it IS something I can put on my iPhone (the ONLY reason I manage to blog on a consistent basis! I'm actually on my computer right now, but trying to put PICTURES in the blog using the blogger website, well, let's just say HTML is NOT a language I understand and most likely never will. All those numbers, they make my head spin!), so hopefully I can figure it out rather painlessly.

Once I get it "going", I'll post the link to my boards. I was thinking it would be fun to create a pinboard for each of my brides, (if they want to that is), and allow them to pin as well, so that way, as they are on the 'net, and they find something they like, they can pin it to the board, and then it's there, for me to see. Instant "hey, I LIKE this, can you make it work?". As much as I complain about technology, it sure does make my job easier, and it also enables me to give my clients an even better event/experience/etc than ever before.

So, that said.

I'm going back to figure out this Pinterest thing. I have a couple of hours.

And then? After my busy month, I'm taking myself to the movies tonight. With my mommy. I'm SO excited. We are going to see Love Never Dies on the big screen, it's the sequel to Phantom of the Opera. I was bummed I never got over to London last year to see the show at the Adelphi before it went dark. But they filmed the Australian production in Melbourne last September, and it comes out on DVD in May! But Fathom Events is showing it in theatres tonight and next Tuesday. It's playing live in Sydney, but only for another month or so, and then who knows where it will be. Dead maybe? (yes, pun intended!)

Anyway, I hope to find some inspiration, as it's set in the early 1900's Coney Island. I got to do a Phantom of the Opera cake last year, so perhaps some lucky soul will call me about a Love Never Dies cake this year?? (this is a not-so-subtle hint to my dear readers)

So, anyway, back to Pinterest. This could be fun!



P.S. Keep an eye for a VERY special Blog Sale. I'm working on some ideas, and cleaning out some supplies that I haven't used in a couple of years, both baking supplies AND decor items.

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