Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Vintage Mountain Wedding

First, I apologize for not posting many updates in 2013. I have been working in launching a new accessories brand, in addition to a few other projects in my spare time. Adair Weddings is still taking clients and going strong, just haven't been updating our online profile.

That said, while I have many things I have not shown from the past few months, here is a recap of a gorgeous wedding we did this past weekend up at the Lake Arrowhead Resort and Spa. We handled the specialty linens, all the flowers, and a candy bar. Plus my accessories company did a custom headpiece for the bride!

The bridal bouquet, the custom pieces on the handle were matching the headpiece that The Cute and Sparkly Wife (can be found on Facebook) provided + turquoise & orange jewels, the colours the bride has originally chosen for her day (the soft pink & beige was sooo romantic though, it was perfection for her!):

We did 3 different table designs, all with custom textured linen overlays, vintage books, pearls, etc. The effect was breathtaking, especially when the lights were dimmed & the candles lit! It is my regret I failed to snap more photographs!!

The birdhouses were all painted by the groom! I loved this.

The candy bar was a HUGE hit:

All the signage was done by Adair Weddings, including the crystal embellishments. In the candlelight, the tags for the candy containers just sparkled and was really eye catching.

They also had a memory table

The Sweetheart Table:

Shots from the ceremony location. We kept the decor simple, and afterwards dismantled it and repurposed the flowers in the reception room. It was seamless and cut down on waste!

The last is of the photographer, Christa Mortimore of Christa Mortimore Photography doing what she does best! She was a joy to work with, and I've seen some sneek peeks on her Facebook page and am super excited to see the rest!!

Congratulations Katie & Neil! It was a beautiful day, a beautiful bride, and your party was rocking!!!! Enjoy your honeymoon!!



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