Sunday, March 4, 2012


Are you interested in learning more about the wedding business? Cakes? Flowers?

Well, Adair Weddings is on the hunt for one, possibly two part-time summer interns! This is not employment, but an internship only.

What are we looking for? Here are the basic qualifications:

1. Must have a car or reliable transportation.

2. Must be willing to work hard, sleep little, and take direction from a very demanding boss. (okay, so forget the sleep little part!)

3. Must have basic kitchen knowledge and know how to bake, wash dishes, and keep a kitchen clean.

4. Must be willing to work in mass chaos.

5. Must be a non-smoker.

6. Must be willing to cut flowers, do cleanup work, de-thorn roses, fill buckets, carry & lift in excess of 25lbs.

If you are still with me and interested, please send me an email to

A resume is not required, but if you have one, I am happy to look at it.

Bottom line, I'm not looking for that person with the "perfect" resume or work background, but someone who shares my passion for what I do, works well with others, doesn't mind hard work, and is willing to learn.

This is an internship, not an employee position. I am not hiring new employees at this time. Only taking applications for interns.

Thank you!



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