Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Hello Kitty Cake Balls!!

These were such a treat to make. Little Hello Kitty Cake Balls!

I had intended to make them into cake pops, but it was a super-last minute thing, and it seems that EVERYONE where I live is currently MAKING cake pops! Soooo, everywhere was sold out of the little sucker sticks. OOPS. (it's fine now, I have plenty, I ordered them)

I love making special cake balls like this, the shapes, etc. Hand-painting them it even more fun!

They were Mint Chocolate & Carrot Walnut Cheesecake, and the little pink ones you see in the box were Strawberry Cheesecake cake balls.

Lots of new flavours on the menu!

Perfect cake balls & cake pops? Call Adair Weddings!



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